National Car Care: Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Porsche

March 31st, 2020 by

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National Car Care Month is the perfect time to schedule an inspection or tune-up for your Porsche. Continue reading to learn more about routine Porsche car care. 

Give Your Porsche the National Car Care Month Treatment

Change oil, filters, and fluids

The best way to ensure your Porsche runs smoothly at peak performance for years to come is to check and replace your oil on a regular basis. Oil acts as a protective lubricant against the heavy wear and tear of the engine. If oil levels are low or if the oil becomes dark and dirty, irreparable damage could take years off of the life of your car. 


Schedule service now to have your oil and filters changed. Other fluids to monitor should include brake, cooling, transmission, and power steering fluids. If you are unsure of how often to check or replace these fluids, check your owners manual or request a general maintenance schedule from one of our highly qualified technicians. 

Clean or replace wipers and lights

Changing the wipers and any dim or dying lights in your car now could make all the difference when you are traveling down a dark road in an unexpected rain shower. Check to ensure that the lights are clean so that they can shine at optimum brightness to maximize visibility and ensure you are seen clearly by other drivers. 


Also, take the time to inspect, clean, or replace your windshield wipers before the next rainstorm arrives. Spring pollen is in the air, so be sure to top off your wiper fluid as well.

Inspect the air conditioning system

Chances are you haven’t had to utilize your air conditioning in a while. With summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to check and see that your air conditioning is in working order. As you check the HVAC system, don’t forget to inspect the compressor and compressor belt for any signs of damage. 


If anything appears to be out of sorts, our service center has a variety of Porsche parts to get your air conditioning back in working order before the heat and humidity of summer arrive. 

Schedule Your Next Inspection in Mobile, AL

If you haven’t scheduled your next tune-up yet, visit our Porsche Service Center at Porsche Mobile in Alabama. Our team will ensure your Porsche is ready and prepared for summer road trips ahead. Give us a call today for more information.